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About Us

Founded in 2000, The Lady Bamford Charitable Trust supports vulnerable communities in India to access a better quality of life. Working in partnership with the government and local communities through a diverse set of programmes, The Trust has supported the quality of education within schools and augmented the livelihoods of women and youth through skill enhancement. Besides these, the Trust has also supported development initiatives of the government by building roads, sanitation units, water pipelines, and providing medical facilities.

  • BALLABGARH 7 Villages
    30 Schools
  • JAIPUR 6 Villages
    20 Schools
  • HALOL 5 Villages
    10 Schools
  • PUNE 5 Villages
    20 Schools

OUR FOUNDER Carole Bamford

"Bringing education to children and providing the infrastructure to access it have always been central to LBCT’s work. As a mother and a grandmother, I am so fortunate to witness the role teaching plays in nurturing the changemakers of tomorrow, so it is something I have always been passionate about supporting.

Today the scope of LBCT’s work has been broadened, growing from work with a single school in Ballabgarh to projects that are centred around three key objectives: education, provision of employable skills and community engagement – each anchored in the belief that a secure livelihood is possible for all.

I am very proud that for more than 20 years the work that LBCT carries out has changed so many lives. When I think what has been achieved during that time and the extent of its impact, it makes me hopeful for the next 20."





Creating systems that ensure students attending schools remain in the education system after school, and move towards skilled career paths.


Employable Skills

Engaging with the community, especially women and youth, who are outside the formal education system, to provide vocational skills through training.



Coordinating with the relevant government departments and projects to strengthen the social and infrastructure systems of the communities we work with.




Rizwana | Education | Khandawali, Ballabgarh

Rizwana is a graduate of B.Sc. Mathematics. She is currently preparing for a national-level recruitment exam for the Civil Services of the Government of India. She has played a fundamental role in transforming attitudes surrounding girls’ education, and breaking gender roles and stereotypes in her community.


Majidan | Engagement | Khandawali, Ballabgarh

60-year-old Majidan was initially a part of a cooking self-help group started by LBCT, but later branched out on her own. She has participated in various government and private craft exhibitions and festivals in different parts of the country and set up her food stalls there. She continues to prove that age does not define a person’s ability to dream big.


Sunita | Employable Skills | Bagru Khurd, Jaipur

Sunita, a proud production member at the Jaipur VTC, set an example for other women in her village- that it is never too late for a woman to learn a new skill and start earning for herself.

Sandhya, Sagar and Abhishek

Sandhya, Sagar and Abhishek | Education | Faridabad

Sandhya, Sagar and Abhishek are three meritorious students who were sponsored by the Trust for their higher education. All three have a degree in mechanical engineering. While Sagar aims to study further, Abhishek is currently preparing for a state-level government exam for possible recruitment. Sandhya is working as a coder in a reputed multinational company.


Varshaben | Engagement | Varasda, Halol

Varshaben is the president of the Priya, a self-help Group run by LBCT. She also actively works on agriculture and vermicompost production with women farmers in the area.


Santosh | Employable Skills | Bhamoriya, Jaipur

Santosh heads a self- help group in Jaipur. She has also learned stitching and gota patti, a special embroidery from the state of Rajasthan, at LBCT’s VTC. She runs her own small gota patti business now, wherein she has trained and employed seven women under her to work on the craft.


Hardik | Education | Maswad, Halol

Hardik, a bright student from Halol, with the right guidance and academic support, became the school topper in 10th grade. He is currently an 11th grade commerce student.


Alkaben | Engagement | Panchtad, Halol

Alkaben heads the Sandhya Self-Help Group. She is also an entrepreneur, who has been able to set up and run a grocery store in her village by procuring a loan from her SHG.


Sunita | Employable Skills | Ladhiapur, Ballabgarh

Sunita is the head of Chand self-help group and the highest earning member of ARKE, a production group under LBCT. However, as a school dropout, her association with LBCT also motivated and helped her finish her schooling when she was already married and had children. She has also made sure that her daughters complete their education as well.


Anuja | Education | Navlakh Umbre, Pune

Anuja has been associated with the Trust’s various initiatives since 2016. Currently, she is pursuing a diploma degree in computer application, for which she has received a scholarship from the Trust.


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