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LBCT has always worked towards fulfilling the needs of a child as a learner and providing a safe learning environment through the development of child friendly schools (CFS). According to UNICEF, a child friendly school reflects a ‘quality environment’. It regards that every child has not only a right to education but is entitled to safe and protective spaces that are free from any threat, violence or abuse.

Based on the manual created by UNICEF, LBCT works on selected parameters to create an enabling environment in government schools. These include sanitation, clean water, electrical safety, safe classrooms and playgrounds, clean mid-day meal facilities and classroom essentials. Through our efforts we have made 29 schools more accessible to children, and reduced school dropout rates.


Recognising that meritorious students do not always have the means to continue their education, LBCT provides financial assistance through its sponsorship programme. This allows children from vulnerable communities to continue their education and ensures that they do not drop out of schools.

LBCT also supports students beyond school level education. Bright students from disadvantaged families require scaffolding in terms of coaching for common entrance tests. Therefore, the Trust provides them with both scholarships and counselling to help access higher education.


To help students achieve academic excellence, LBCT through its Project Saksham, provides academic support classes for 9th and 10th grade students and remedial classes for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students through appointed teachers from the community.

These classes are held in community owned spaces, such as LBCT’s vocational training centres or in spaces provided by the schools, before or after school hours. The project is called ‘Saksham’ which means competent or in other words students with age-appropriate learning levels.


To motivate government school students to focus on their academics and gain confidence and exposure, LBCT has been organising the Eklavya Quiz since 2014. A flagship programme, it has proven to encourage students to look beyond their textual knowledge and establish a relationship between theory and application of the learnt concepts.

Working in partnership with schools and their teachers, students are selected from government schools from all locations we work in, and compete in teams of two at various levels- intra-school, inter-school, state and national level- to win the competition. Over seven seasons, LBCT has reached out to over 3000 students from 80 schools.


23000+Students Benefitted

80+ Schools

250+ Scholarships given

12DIY Libraries Facilitated