Employable Skills

Employable Skills Employable Skills


The Trust runs Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) in the villages it works in. Established in spaces provided by the communities themselves, these centres provide short-term courses targeted at rural women aged 18 to 40.

Basic and advanced stitching courses are prominently run across VTCs, and NSDC certification is given to candidates after successful completion of the course. Until now, 3700+ women have completed the training through the VTCs which have created self-employment opportunities for them.


Through its employable skills arm, LBCT has facilitated the creation of ARKE- a handicrafts brand run by rural women. The group has over a hundred women spread across three locations- Ballabgarh, Haryana, Jaipur, Rajasthan and Pune, Maharashtra, and are skilled in handloom weaving, handicrafts, aari embroidery, printing, jewellery making, embroidery, knitting, quilting, durrie making and basket making.

These entrepreneurs pool in their small savings and slowly grow to a level where they can market their products. All proceeds from the sales go directly to the self-help group members. The enhanced income opportunities have helped women give better education to their children, improved their access to health facilities and enabled them to live a life of respect and dignity.


13VTCs Running

3700+Women Trained

348SHGs Formed

4274SHG members