Navlakh Umbre, Pune | Education


LBCT’s education vertical runs a myriad of initiatives to improve the quality of education and encourage students to remain in the education system. To build team spirit and enhance the student’s ability to compete in an increasingly competitive world, LBCT runs an initiative called the Eklavya Quiz. The quiz also helps in increasing students’ inclination towards studies as it covers their curriculum. The first season of the quiz was conducted in 2015, the winner of which was a young girl, Anuja Keshav Yedke, from Navlakh Umbre village near Pune.

Anuja had only moved to the village from Nanded with her family. Being a new girl in school she was shy and would rarely mix with the community. Around that time she met Sandip from the LBCT team, who would visit the school to orient the children on the Eklavya Quiz. She found the activities new and exciting and participated in them. She was selected for the quiz competition, made it to the finals in Jaipur, and ended up winning the prize.

Anuja feels that this was a turning point in her life. All the appreciation she received from the teachers, family, and relatives gave her much confidence and motivation to continue to do well in her studies. In class 10th, she was again selected for the academic support classes and life skills sessions organized by LBCT. This helped her not only academically but also develop interpersonal skills. Although her family thought she would top her class, they were still happy that she scored an 87%.

Despite coming from a family that has financial constraints (her parents run a small mess cum canteen), she continues to focus on her education. Even when her parents proposed to get her married, she was adamant to continue her studies and achieve her goals. Anuja is currently pursuing a diploma degree in computer application, for which she has received a scholarship from the Trust.