Sandhya, Sagar and Abhishek
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Sandhya, Sagar and Abhishek

The Science Fellowship Program under LBCT’s education vertical supports bright students beyond school-level education. Of the many students that LBCT has awarded the fellowship to, three students from Faridabad stand out.

Sandhya, now 21, was first introduced to the Fellowship when she was in class 9th. Academically bright and inspired by her brother who was pursuing engineering, Sandhya too dreamt of becoming a software engineer. However, her family’s financial condition deterred her from taking coaching classes and preparing for engineering entrance exams. That is when she found out about the Fellowship programme. She worked hard to clear the screening test and was selected as a fellow.

Through the course of the fellowship, she would attend coaching classes every evening post school and was mentored by LBCT employees throughout her entire fellowship. With this, she not only passed her class 12th exams but also cleared the JEE exams. This, in turn, helped her in getting an admission in Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) College, Faridabad. She graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2021 and has been placed in a renowned company where she is currently working.

Abhishek and Sagar, too, have similar stories. Both hailing from Faridabad, they were bright students but did not have the financial wherewithal to prepare for their engineering entrance exams. Abhishek feels that the Fellowship provided him with the much needed financial assistance- his coaching and transport expenses were taken care of and he could focus on studying and clearing the test. Through his hard work and assistance from the Fellowship, he got admission in J.C. Bose University of Science and Technology, YMCA, in the civil engineering stream. LBCT further assisted him by paying his university fees throughout. Since then he has successfully completed his degree and is preparing for the government exams to become an Assistant Engineer.

Sagar, on the other hand, attended Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak in Haryana in the mechanical engineering stream in 2018. LBCT continued to guide him throughout his degree and paid for his hostel fees. He graduated in 2022 and is currently preparing for a master's in mechanical engineering.