Khandawali, Ballabgarh | Engagement


60-year-old Majidan hails from an agricultural family in Khandawali and was interested in joining a SHG run by LBCT. She also showed interest in taking part in income-generating activities. However, having poor eyesight and having never gone to school, she felt that she could not be a part of the LBCT’s stitching and tailoring group. She, however, was skilled in cooking. So, the Trust decided to create a cooking SHG, wherein they mobilised more women who were interested and named the group Koshish.

The group was provided with different kinds of training- cooking recipes, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness while cooking, marketing, displaying and serving items, etc. The Trust also facilitated their participation in various exhibitions such as Dastkar Nature Bazaar, Dilli Haat, etc. The members started saving 50 rupees a month. Later, their incomes increased through more work and support provided by LBCT and JCB, who would avail their catering services for various events. Finally, LBCT also helped the group avail an FSSAI certification.

Since the nature of work was not regular, the group thought of exploring activities like tiffin service, trading, selling dry snacks etc. But most of the members of the group denied going out of the village at the time. So Majidan individually started booking a stall at Nature Bazaar, New Delhi, where she earned a profit of Rs 90,000 in the year 2019. She also participated in other festivals, where organizers called her to put up a stall. From 9th Jan 2020 to 20th February 2020 she participated in 3 exhibitions in other states Gujarat, Hyderabad, and Yamunanagar district of Haryana, where she earned Rs 64, 000. She especially felt elated when PM Narendra Modi tasted her food at an exhibition in Ahmedabad.

Majidan says, “Today, I am earning money by selling food and it has made me and my family strong financially. My family members and neighbors are giving me special attention and respect. All this happened due to the immense support of LBCT which enhanced my skills. I never thought that I would visit a different state by myself at this age.”